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i track #ashtontopia rn
im watching #teen wolf
reading stephen king books
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July 30th♡virgin♡ and ♡whore♡ with 16006 ♡fuckers♡


Heart eyes motherfucker

July 29th♡virgin♡ and ♡whore♡ with 4343 ♡fuckers♡


July 28th♡virgin♡ and with 2660 ♡fuckers♡

He literally is perfect

July 27th♡virgin♡ and ♡whore♡ with 12206 ♡fuckers♡


July 26th♡virgin♡ and with 1263 ♡fuckers♡

have a good time travelling and happy birthday for today :) —punklifford whispered;

thank u!! 

July 25th — and with 0 ♡fuckers♡

Happy Birthday!! I hope your day is going great cause you deserve it! :) —Anonymous whispered;

i didn’t deserve anything that my family made for my today, im so grateful for that. Thank you so much!

July 25th — and with 0 ♡fuckers♡

Happy birthday sweetie! Hope you have a great day and may all your wishes come true <3 —Anonymous whispered;

omg so os nice thank u buddie

July 25th — and with 0 ♡fuckers♡

happy birthday!! —carpexrwin whispered;

thank uuuu 

July 25th — and with 0 ♡fuckers♡

happy birthday! —un-derstatement whispered;

thank u buddy 

July 25th — and with 0 ♡fuckers♡


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